Title: United Jewish Communities of MetroWest , New exhibition,2009

Body: Lior Ziv, IDF photographer, 19, was killed during an operation to destroy &nbsp;a Hamas weapons smuggling tunnel in Rafah in the Gaza Strip 20.4.2003<b><br></b> Cpl. Lior Ziv, an IDF combat photographer, was part of a combat mission of Givati infantry operating in Rafah in the Gaza strip to discover and destroy weapons smuggling tunnels on the night of April 20, 2003. Lior's assignment was to document of the dangers and challenges that face Israeli soldiers in action. He believed an image speaks a thousand words. He wanted to show the reality of the challenges facing Israeli soldiers through his photographs. During the mission, Lior was shot and killed by a Palestinian sniper. <span>Lior was the first IDF cameraman to fall in the line of duty and the first and the only Israeli military combat journalist to be killed during the Palestinian Intifada. He was 19<b> </b>years old.</span> Lior had been admitted to the IDF Spokesman's Film and photography unit after rigorous entrance exams. He did not tell his parents that he had undergone combat training because he did not want to worry them. The operation in Rafah was Lior's first complicated combat mission. Lior studied photography and art at the "Eilon" High School in Holon and displayed his photographs at school exhibitions. The camera was also an integral part of his social life: he documented his friends and the parties and events he helped organize. Lior &nbsp;took more than 4,000 pictures during his military service. <span>The exhibition present the way Lior saw moments through the lens of his camera.<br>Yotam zach</span>

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